Grab an art journal and any art supplies you have


Make a space where you can create and work in your art journal


Use my prompts and ideas in your art journal

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I am an artist and a teacher. I love sharing this gift with everyone!

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My Artsy Coach, Margaret, is incredibly gifted at teaching art to beginners as well as more experienced artists.  She focuses on one lesson at each class and gives us the space and time to create in our own way.  Every effort is applauded and appreciated.  She was also able to guide us into learning howContinue reading “Carrie Logan”

Carrie Logan

Margaret Alvarez’s The Art of Gratitude Journal class was life changing for me. I re-discovered my artistic  creativity which had been dormant in my professional life and in the day to day challenges of caring for my husband through his long Alzheimer’s journey and the subsequent grief of his death. Margaret Alvarez is competent, joyful, passionate and patient.Continue reading “Marty Webb”

Marty Webb

The Wednesday class helped me decompress and reflect on things . I loved mixing the art process with the emotional process . This was an emotional experience considering the times we are in. I am grateful for this process . Watching the demos was my favorite part and listening to Margaret talk.

Nicole Moore

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