Art Supplies

I love sharing art ideas! It can also be so enlightening and fun to try something new. Even for a seasoned artist, the practice of trying something new feels really good.

If art journaling is new to you, buying just a few art supplies is all you need to get started. The best part is, all of these items can be found at the grocery store!

Art journal– A book with blank pages that can range in size. I like to get one small enough to fit in my purse or bag.

Watercolor paint– Paint that only requires water and a brush. Any brand will do! Yes, even the brands that children use. Bonus: All watercolor sets come with a brush.

Permanent pens and markers-I love my thin sharpies! Fun to draw with and nice to write with. If you paint on top of your writing, the ink will not fade.

Crayons-Inexpensive and you can feel like a kid again. Enjoy the nostalgia and the smell!

Let’s start with this! Look out for my next post and I will get you started.



What is an Art Journal?

An art journal is a book where you put together art, imagery and words to express yourself. You can use many different types of art materials to compose your pages. An art journal can be a place for personal reflection or where you can write how you feel. It helps you get in touch with your emotions, deep feelings and intentions. It can also be a place to just experiment and have fun with new art supplies. It is whatever you want it to be.

I use my art journal often. I wouldn’t say I use it every single day, but I definitely pull it out when I have a bit of anxiety or stress. I also pull it out when I have a goal, or I want to set an intention. I write down all of my intentions and goals. When I see my intentions start to manifest, I pull out my journal again. It can be a great tool for reflection.

My clients will benefit greatly from using an art journal. It is a wonderful way to get aligned with what you want from this life. Some of us struggle with remaining on the right path and an art journal can be the key to staying focused.

Explore the possibilities and buy an art journal and a few new art supplies. And for more guidance, stay tuned to my page.

Thanks for being here,